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ACZ-8 built in GPS  gold mine  geophysical Proton Magnetometer 

Product Description

High Accuracy price Field measurement portable ACZ-8 Proton Magnetometer

Technical parameters of Mineral Detector machine vein vein locator

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Measuring range 20,000nt~100,000nt
Measurement Accuracy ±1nT
Resolution ±0.1nT
Allowed gradient ≤6,000nT/m
GPS positioning accuracy ≤2.5m
Screen 320×240 graphic LCD with backlight
Input keyboard 16 keys
Working temperature -10°C~+50°C
Data transport USB
Data interface USB2.0
supply power Built-in big capacity recharge lithium battery
Weight 2.3kg
Product Details Show
Best selling ACZ-8 GPS built in Proton Magnetometer Mineral Detector machine vein locator:

1) Full intellectual property
2) High-tech product
3) Efficient, easy to operation
4) High accuracy, wide frequency range
5)Built-in GPS, coordinate record, navigation lights, and the connection is more simple, and the instrument is more reliable.
6)Full-scale automatic tuning or artificial manual tuning. Built-in precision clock, GPS timing to ensure the clock of base stations and mobile stations is accurate synchronization.
7)Each point is stored with the information of the magnetic field result, point coordinate time and temperature etc., directly output all the data with a U disk.
8) English interface, and automatically displays the magnetic field value curve, the operation is more easier and convenient.
9)Portable and light, one person can finish all the work.
10)Equipped with the software to do the diurnal correction and create the contour map and profile map. 

The Principle of High Accuracy price Field measurement portable ACZ-8 Proton Magnetometer :

The principle of ACZ-8 mineral detector&proton is that the magnetic moment of hydrogen proton will make free preccession in magnetic field,which could be used to measure the abnormal magnetic change generated by the ground geological substance.we can estimate underground geological formation nature (ground water) and mineral conditions like location, buried depth, shape and volume etc. after doing interpretation to abnormity. 

Main Application of Mineral Detector machine vein locator:

1. Widely used in mineral exploration(such as iron ore, lead and zinc, copper etc.
2. With mining exploration, research the ore body’s buried depth, occurrence and continuity, and study the shape and size of the ore body, estimate the deposit, oil and natural gas exploration,research the geological structure and tectonics of oil and gas etc..
3. The diurnal correction of aviation and marine ground magnetic survey, fault location, archaeologic, engineering exploration, such as pipeline detection, earthquake precursor monitoring, and volcano observatory, as well as other environmental and disaster geological work.

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Q:What is One-stop service?

A:We manufacture prospecting instrument, exploration machine. And we could also supply you analysing instrument, Ore dressing equipment. You could purchase all related devices and accessories from us.

Q:How to set an order?

1. Underline order:

2. Online order:

You could set your order directly . They will guarantee you the whole business process with Trade Assurance. Just click “Start Order”, let us start our cooperation!

Q:Is it difficult to operate?
A:The instrument is easy to operate, we can share how-to video with you and we will send you the detailed operation manual. via email. If you have some basis of computer operating, generally it only need 2hour to manage it.

Q:What’s your delivery port?
A:Shanghai or other main port of China.

Q:What’s your packing?
A:Aluminum specialized box or carton.

Q:Can we place OEM orders?
A:Yes, OEM orders are acceptable, We can manufacture machines according to your requirements:such as design, logo, color, material or brand information.

Q:Does machines have warranty period?
A:Yes, our water detector with one year warranty period for main parts, quick parts are excluded.

Q:1 year Maintenance?

A:In 7 days after sale, if our products can’t be used because of the quality problem, we promise that they could be retuned, replaced and their guarantee period is 6 months.

Q: QEM service?

A:Different configuration for your actual conditions.


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New 2023 InStock High Accuracy Price Field Measurement Portable ACZ-8 Metal Gold DetectorProton Magnetometer For Hot Sale

Availability: 99 in stock